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I have been practising yoga for over 20 years and teaching for 15 years. My teaching is informed by my personal practice and study of yoga which has over the years embraced many branches of the yoga tree, including Astanga and Iyengar. My approach to teaching is integrative and non-dogmatic and I aim to make yoga’s teachings meaningful and accessible to all students. For me, Yoga’s teachings offer a unitative and harmonious way of Being that brings lasting contentment and inner peace to the individual and also provides a much needed means to heal our fragmented world.


Hatha Yoga offers a path to transformation using a physical route. Through the vehicle of the body (both it’s physical outer form and energetic template) we come to explore, know and evolve the microcosm so that we may experience the macrocosm – Ultimate Reality. From our initial connection to our physical self coming to a mat – moving in and out of postures, breathing consciously, relaxing, letting go, sitting in stillness, we do more than merely improve our physical health and sense of well-being; we mark the beginning of a spiritual journey. And this journey cannot start from any other place than from the home of the flesh and bones body. We soon enough come to realise that the postures (asana) which we practice reflect back to us like a mirror the truth of how we inhabit our bodies and therefore how we experience, move and manifest out in wider world. Alerted to imbalances and neglected aspects of our selves, we begin to use yoga to develop flexibility, stamina, strength and focus for the BodyMind and this in turn positively impacts all aspects of our selves, including our relationship with others and our life purpose. Before long, we realise that whatever we “practice” on the mat can be applied off the mat, in daily life: As we calm the breath and learn to focus the mind, we become more reflective and less reactive. As we discover a sense of joy and gratitude within our heart and a freedom of movement in our bodies, we can carry this off the mat to live a full and vivid life, which benefits everyone around us as well as ourselves. Through this integration of heart, body and mind, or outer evolution, we also evoke an inner transformation, as our dormant spiritual potential awakens. And it is through the power of kundalini shakti (the power of Ultimate Reality manifesting in human form) that we can truly transcend the limited belief of ourself as a separate “I” (mind-body) and become one with the singular Utimate Reality which is the source of all that exists. This unification – or Self Realisation – is the core of all Yoga teachings.