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Yoga Nidra Alchemy

Sunday 19 April 2014. Time: 3.30 – 5.30pm  This event is now completed

Down to Earth Yoga Studio in Tufnell Park NW5 

This workshop focuses on transformative potential of Yoga Nidra, incorporating techniques designed to reawaken fully integrated states of BodyMind well-being and support the working through of individual material. The workshop includes a gentle, meditative asana practice. Please bring a notebook. Cost £25. Bookings directly through Down To Earth

Introduction to Meditation

Sunday 17 May  2014. Time: 3.30 – 5.30pm  This event is now completed

Down to Earth Yoga Studio in Tufnell Park NW5

There are many different ways to meditate and we can practice for a wide variety of aims, from gaining deeper insight and clarity to developing specific qualities, managing a health condition or building internal energy. In this workshop we will explore and practice a range of techniques to help you discover which is the most suitable practice for your current needs and goals. Cost £25. Bookings directly through Down To Earth


Deeply Awake Yoga Nidra Introductory Day

Sunday 16 November 2014. Time: 11am -5.30pm  This event  is now completed. 
Fitzrovia Community Centre, 2 Foley Street London W1W 6DL
Cost: £65

In Yoga Nidra, we turn inwards, away from outer experiences, achieve a deep state of relaxation and experience heightened receptivity. As an experience Yoga Nidra is blissfully restorative and revitalising. As a practice, Yoga Nidra can be applied in many ways, from developing memory to increasing creativity and most significantly as a tool to instigate profound changes to our very nature, at the deepest level.

The Deeply Awake Yoga Nidra Introductory Day is open and accessible to all those interested in experiencing the practice and finding out about the philosophy behind it and the science that supports it. It also serves as an introduction to theoretical elements of the teacher training course for those who wish to learn how to use Yoga Nidra for transformational teaching and/or professional work with a therapeutic aim. Priority booking onto the teacher training will be given to those who have attended the Intro Day.

The day will include 2 practices of yoga nidra as well as group lecture (theory), discussion and other activities to fully explore and engage with the practice.

Please contact me to book a place.



People often come to therapy and to yoga with the same question; “Who am I?” Reconciling the paradox of the Eastern concept of “Self”  with the Western emphasis on ego-reliant self can throw up all sorts of problems for the yoga practitioner. 

In this workshop, we will meet with the philosopher, the scientist, the psychologist, the psychiatrist, the Seer and our selves, gaining a deeper understanding of the nature of mind, the transformative realm of human experience and our own sadhana.

We will also learn about mental health conditions (including anxiety, depression, eating disorders and personality disorder traits) and explore ways of dealing with then compassionately and safely, both on a personal level and (if we are teachers) professional level

This workshop includes lecture, discussion ad experiential activities and is suitable for yoga teachers/teachers in training and all yoga students interested in spirituality, consciousness and the human condition.

Bookings through Yoga Loft

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